A Doll, a Story.
A memory, a life project

bright and original, since 2015 they have been the new mascots of Capri.
Le Capresine !
Handmade rag dolls inspired by the history and myth of Capri..

About us

A creature
was born on Capri.
A whimsical mind thought of her
And she created it beautiful!
Like the breeze of the blue sea.
Wear the tender colors of Capri nature
And she releases the scent of the island
Soaked with dreams.
His teasing gaze is very sunny.
Her name is Capresina
And she wants to spread a message
In a world that can change!

La Capresina by Kari

A rag heart, a legacy of ancient and new emotions that have their roots in the myth of Capri and in the memories of childhood experiences..

Dolls that take shape and life in Kari's hands.

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Via Longano, 39