The Origins

The Capresine are creatures of fabric, colorful dolls that have inhabited and animated Capri since time immemorial even if it remains uncertain how they arrived on the blue rock.. 

According to a legend, they have a strong and ancient bond with distant Brazil just as the wise people of the island assert that the first Capresina was created by the expert hands of Edite, the grandmother of Lele, a child born on the island who, exploring the territory with his faithful four-legged friend Luke, he knew the secrets, legends and mythological figures of Capri, such as the beautiful Sirens. 

The Blue Lizard Queen who had her kingdom on one of the magnificent Faraglioni, however, remembered that the Capresine - who magically arrived on Capri - had a very specific purpose: to give love and happiness to anyone who had inhabited the island or who had found themselves there passing. 

In fact, their motto was “May the morning star always guide you to bring love to a world that can change”.